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This Online Swap page lists amateur radio related equipment for sale, trade or wanted by River City ARCS members.  Please email any listings with a brief description of the article, your asking price, one or two photos if available, and your contact information to  River City ARCS is not responsible for the condition of listed equipment, for the accuracy of descriptions nor for any transactions between buyers and sellers.  Please notify us when to remove your listing, otherwise listings will automatically be removed after six months

K6PWA Antenna Tower
Tower Help Wanted

Thomas "Clint" Savage, K6PWA, (916) 457-8192 in Sacramento seeks someone to unload the top of his tower: The photo shows a 4 element multi-band HF Yagi antenna with a 2m ‘Ringo’ stacked on top of it, all mounted on an antenna rotator.  Call (916) 457-8192.

posted October 15, 2017

WB6YLK Tower
For Sale: Approx. 40’ tapered tower

( I think is a Rohn but not sure) There are 5 sections but no base. $200 Contact – Dave WB6YLK at 916-687-0439 9 am-midnight

posted September 13, 2017

Clarence Nevis KF6YTQ Silent Key Sale

  1. Yaesu 200w HF Transceiver FT-1000MP MkV
  2. Astron Corp Power Supply RS-35M (not Yaesu) 13.8VDC 25a continuous
  3. Yaesu All mode Tranceiver FT 847.
  4. Yaesu Power Supply FT 29
  5. Yaesu FM receiver (2m band) VX 5 +Charger
  6. MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner MFJ 969
  7. MFJ HF/VHF 1.8 -170 SWR analyser MFJ 259b
  8. MFJ Antenna switch MFJ 1704
  9. MFJ DX Beacon monitor MFJ 890
  10. MFJ 300w Dummy Load MFJ 260c
  11. MFJ 2 Low Pass Filters 0-30Mhz 1.5kw MFJ 704
  12. Diamond SWR & Power Meter SX 200
  13. MARS Electronic Keyer K 75
  14. Bencher Chrome Keyer BY2
  15. AM Com Noise Filter
  16. GE Pair of Mastr Speakers
  17. Heil Boom Microphone AT8410a
  18. Heil Headphones/Microphone ??
  19. Heil Single Headphone/Microphone ??
  20. Yaesu Speaker/Microphone MH 34
  21. Yaesu Microphone x2 MH-31b8. (one in box never used)
  22. Sony Noise cancelling Headphones MDR-NC7
  23. Heil Foot switch
  24. ?? Foot Switch
  25. Comet Duplexer CF-360
  26. Alan Broadband Field Strength Meter Model 180
  27. GB Instruments Wire Tracker GET 4110K
  28. ICOM Cigarette lighter cable xCP-18A
  29. Bushnell Radar Gun IUW38008
  30. ?? Altimeter
  31. ?? 3 x Thermometers
  32. ?? Thumb Switch?

For expressions of interest please contact: David Hayes (916) 694-9584 or Larry Fibich (916) 966-0266
Photos available on request

posted August 2, 2017

Have several vintage items for sale.
A.F. Shuckler@Co. Inc. Military Radio Amplifier w/4 tubes. Very clean.
Mercury tube tester. Like new.
Sierra Electronics Wattmeter 30-100 range.  
Naval AN/URM-120 Wattmeter w/3 slugs.  Mnfc. By Struthers Electronics.
Contact at (916) 514-3347. Steve
posted July 25, 2016

Hy-Gain DX-77 Vertical Antenna
KD6PIP (SK) Antenna For Sale

Patricia, widow of Wilbur Corley, KD6PIP, in Browns Valley, has a HyGain DX-77 10-40m 7-band Vertical antenna still mounted and in what looks to be very good shape. She is selling the house and needs to dispose of it now. She asks $150 (or best offer) for it. Whoever buys it would have to take it down and disassemble it. Call Patricia at (415) 302-4010 (preferred) or e-mail

posted November 21, 2017

For Sale: Icom IC-706MKIIG and MFJ-993 Antenna Tuner

I have a Icom 706MKIIG Serial # 14703 never used mobile. In excellent condition Non smoker.  Included is The Nifty Mini-Manual worth $29.00 and standard manual in Icom box. Hand mike. Included is a foot switch adapter. Mobile mount is missing. Never used, can’t find it. Paypal accepted Price $600.00

I also have and MFJ-993 IntelliTuner automatic antenna Tuner 300 watts Pep SSB/ 150 Watts CW in excellent condition for $175.00 A great addition to the 706MKIIG. Shipping and Insurance included. US only.

Thank You, Jon Smith KD6EHA Cell Number 916-417-9720

posted November 28, 2017

Jen Hughes NS3O (SK) Estate

Item List Price 
Pignology PigRemote
Pignology PigRemote
$249.00 Make Offer
Make offer to

Looking for 'boat anchor' 'stuff' to include Transmitters and/or Transceivers, and if you have capacitors in the 200 - 400 volt range; of course I can always use tubes.  Let me know... THANKS... Larry F. (916) 966-0266, AF6LF.
posted November 6, 2013

Rohn H20 Telescoping Mast
Wanted: an excellent condition Rohn H20 or similar telescopic roof mast.
Need about 20’ of height. I will be putting a TriBand 2 element beam and rotor on top, so it will need to be of a decent gauge of stainless steel to support. Please contact Andy W6AWS at or 916-742-9810 if you have one you are willing to part with and price.
posted September 4, 2016
Carol F. Milazzo,
Jan 21, 2012, 7:36 AM