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This Online Swap page lists amateur radio related equipment for sale, trade or wanted by River City ARCS members.  Please email any listings with a brief description of the article, your asking price, one or two photos if available, and your contact information to  River City ARCS is not responsible for the condition of listed equipment, for the accuracy of descriptions nor for any transactions between buyers and sellers.  Please notify us when to remove your listing, otherwise listings will automatically be removed after 6 months

Jen Hughes NS3O Estate Auction
at November 1 River City ARCS Meeting

Item List Price Starting Bid
ADMS Programming Software FT7900 $49.95 $30
ADMS Programming Software VX8G $49.95 $30
AlexLoop Walkham Antenna $399.95 $240
Astron SS-25 Switching Power Supply $119.95 $72
Baofeng UV-5R Blue Handheld $29.99 $18
Buddipole Deluxe Package with Tripod $399.00 $239
Buddipole Triple Ratio Switch Balun $85.00 $51
Comet CA-2X4SRB Antenna $69.95 $42
DBJ-2 Antenna $29.00 $17
Diamond K412CNMO NMO Mount $59.95 $36
Elecraft KX3 Transceiver $1,049.95 $630
Elecraft KX3 Accessory Cable Set $19.95 $12
Elecraft KXPD3 Paddle $129.95 $78
Elecraft PAE-KX33 AC Power Supply $59.90 $36
Elecraft SideKX KX3 End Panels and Cover $64.00 $38
Evolution EVO1A CB for GL1800 Bike $499.95 $300
Kenwood PG-5F Extension Cable $64.95 $39
Kenwood TM-D710GA Transceiver $559.95 $336
Kenwood TM-D710GA Transceiver $559.95 $336
LDG AT-100 ProII Autotuner $184.95 $111
MFJ-4603 Window Coax Feedthru Panel $89.95 $54
Midland CB Walkie Talkies (2)    
Pignology PigRemote $249.00 $149
Raspberry Pi & Adafruit Clear Box Cables $50.00 $30
RigExpert AA-54 Antenna Analyzer $317.00 $190
Samlex SEC 1223 Power Supply $114.95 $69
SGC SG-237 Smartuner $299.95 $180
SignaLink USB $104.95 $63
Spiderbeam 40 foot fiberglass pole $105.00 $63
Uniden BC95XLT Scanner $99.95 $60
W2AU Balun 1:1 $29.95 $18
W2AU Balun 4:1 $29.95 $18
West Mountain COMspkr Speaker Pair $39.95 $24
West Mountain PowerPole Crimp $39.95 $24
Yaesu FT-7900R Transceiver $269.95 $162
Yaesu VX-8G Handheld $379.95 $228
Yaesu VX-8G Handheld $379.95 $228
Assorted Coaxial Cables, Window Line, etc    

Looking for 'boat anchor' 'stuff' to include Transmitters and/or Transceivers, and if you have capacitors in the 200 - 400 volt range; of course I can always use tubes.  Let me know... THANKS... Larry F. (916) 966-0266, AF6LF.
posted November 6, 2013
Looking for a excellent condition Rohn H20 or similar telescopic roof mast. Need about 20’ of height. I will be putting a TriBand 2 element beam and rotor on top, so it will need to be of a decent gauge of stainless steel to support. Please contact Andy W6AWS at or 916-742-9810 if you have one you are willing to part with and price.
posted September 4, 2016

Have several vintage items for sale.
A.F. Shuckler@Co. Inc. Military Radio Amplifier w/4 tubes. Very clean.
Mercury tube tester. Like new.
Sierra Electronics Wattmeter 30-100 range.  
Naval AN/URM-120 Wattmeter w/3 slugs.  Mnfc. By Struthers Electronics.
Contact at (916) 514-3347. Steve
posted July 25, 2016

For Sale: A fellow Sacramento ham operator, Harry - KI6KR, passed away a few months ago and his wife asked me to assist with Harry's equipment estate sale. She is hoping to have a sale on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016, however, this may be delayed until the following Saturday to allow additional time for responses from interested purchasers. I've attached an equipment list for you to share with your club members or other radio hobbyists. 
We're hoping that Harry's equipment would be sold to people who could use it for their amateur radio or electronics hobbies rather than for monetary gain. Harry's electronics skills were extensive and it would be nice to sell his gear to further support the electronics and radio hobbyists. Any interested purchasers may contact me at WB6GOP@GMAIL.COM for further information. Thank you very much and 73! Keith, WB6GOP

KI6KR “Harry” Equipment Estate Sale
Model Item Description Asking Price
Kenwood 820 HF Transceiver $308.00
Kenwood 120S HF Transceiver $199.00
Kenwood TR7730 2 Meter Transceiver 25 watts w / tone $57.51
Yaesu 2100E 600W Linear Amplifier w / new tubes $325.00
MFJ 986 Antenna Tuner 1.8 – 30 MHZ $204.07
Tokyo Antenna Tuner High Power 200w 3.8 – 30 MHZ $56.00
Santec 20T 2 Meter Transceiver 5 watts w / batteries and charger $45.00
Kenwood MC 50 Microphone $73.88
Tektronic 465B Oscilloscope – Dual Trace 0-VHF $377.00
LG FG 7002C Sweep Function Generator $158.00
B/K 1479 Dual Trace Oscilloscope $50.00
Mastech MS6100 Multi Function Counter $85.00
Wavetek VHF Function Generator $75.00
Master Tech 0-25 VDC Bench Supply $75.00
Knight LCR Multi Meter $75.00
Fluke Multi Meter $50.00
Protek CM-108 Capacitance Meter $50.00
Simpson 467 Digital True RMS Multimeter $59.99
Bench Supply (Home Built) Rugged 0-25 VDC Variable Bench Supply $25.00
Sencor TF46 Super Cricket Transistor / FET Tester $120.00
Eico 1200 Frequency Counter $15.00
Heathkit Audio Frequency Signal Generator $34.95
Eico 324 Restored RF Generator $28.00
Heathkit IT-18 Transistor Checker $25.00
Heathkit SB610 Station Monitor $124.50
Heathkit HM2102 VHF SWR Power Meter $40.00
Heathkit CS1 Capacitor Substitution Box $24.99
Heathkit Decade Capacitor Box $32.00
Heathkit RS1 Resistor Substitution Box $30.00
Heathkit HD1250 Solid State Dip Meter $76.00
B&K Grid Dip Meter / Coils $29.50
Heathkit HD1422 Antenna Noise Bridge $24.99
Elenco SG9500 RF Signal Generator $145.00
posted October 7, 2016

Carol F. Milazzo,
Jan 21, 2012, 7:36 AM