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This Online Swap page lists amateur radio related equipment for sale, trade or wanted by River City ARCS members.  Please email any listings with a brief description of the article, your asking price, one or two photos if available, and your contact information to  River City ARCS is not responsible for the condition of listed equipment, for the accuracy of descriptions nor for any transactions between buyers and sellers.  Please notify us when to remove your listing, otherwise listings will automatically be removed after six months

Antenna Help Needed

John KK6NZW requests assistance to put up a new 30 foot fiberglass antenna mast on his roof. Inverted Vee antenna is mounted on a pulley and guy lines are already in place. He just needs one or more people to help raise the mast and tie down the guy ropes.

John Ruzanov, KK6NZW,

posted June 13, 2018

K6PWA Antenna Tower
Free Antennas

Thomas "Clint" Savage, K6PWA, (916) 457-8192 in Sacramento seeks someone to climb and take away the antennas off the top of his tower.  The photo shows a 4 element multi-band HF Yagi antenna, a 2m Yagi, a 2m ‘Ringo’ vertical on top of it, mounted on an antenna rotator and several antennas off the sides.  
Call (916) 457-8192.

posted April 4, 2018

Have several vintage items for sale. 
A.F. Shuckler@Co. Inc. Military Radio Amplifier w/4 tubes. Very clean. 
Mercury tube tester. Like new. 
Sierra Electronics Wattmeter 30-100 range.  
Naval AN/URM-120 Wattmeter w/3 slugs.  Mnfc. By Struthers Electronics. 
Contact at (916) 514-3347. Steve
posted July 25, 2016

WB6YLK Tower
For Sale: Approx. 40’ tapered tower - Price Lowered

( I think is a Rohn but not sure) There are 5 sections but no base. $75 or best offer. Contact – Dave WB6YLK at 916-687-0439 9 am-midnight

posted April 4, 2018

Rohn H20 Telescoping Mast
Wanted: an excellent condition Rohn H20 or similar telescopic roof mast. Need about 20’ of height. I will be putting a TriBand 2 element beam and rotor on top, so it will need to be of a decent gauge of stainless steel to support. Please contact Andy W6AWS at or 916-742-9810 if you have one you are willing to part with and price.
posted September 4, 2016

Control Box for MFJ-1786/8 Magnetic Loop

This is the remote control box only for the MFJ-1786 or MFJ-1788 magnetic loop antenna. The control box contains a back lit VSWR meter and microcontroller circuitry that supplies DC voltage for motor control through the antenna coaxial cable through an internal bias tee.

The box requires a 9-15 VDC, ungrounded power source. The current draw is 6 mA on standby increasing to 20 mA while tuning, and 35 mA more if the meter lamp is turned on. The power jack on the back of this box accepts a 2.1mm coaxial plug with the center conductor positive. There is also an internal battery connection that can be used with 2 battery holders with 4 "AA" batteries in each for portable operation. The schematic diagram is at Make offer. Contact

posted May 31, 2018

Pignology PigRemote

For Sale:
Pignology PigRemote

PigRemote is an open platform for remote station control. It's a small appliance housing an embedded Linux platform, custom audio codec, and motherboard. It comes in a custom enclosure with connections for:

  • Serial (RS-232) Rig Control
  • Audio In and Out (No third party provider required)
  • Ethernet (wired 10/100 mbps)
  • Power
  • USB Terminal for Linux Shell Access

The internal RF data module makes it possible to control the Station Controller product from Sierra Radio Systems using the application PRControl on Windows, Mac, Linux(TBD), iOS, and Android.  Package includes PigRemote and matching 5V 2A AC Adapter only.

Please read this section in the PigRemote User Guide to determine if PigRemote will work for you. Will PigRemote Work for Me?  List price $249.  Make any offer. Contact

Looking for 'boat anchor' 'stuff' to include Transmitters and/or Transceivers, and if you have capacitors in the 200 - 400 volt range; of course I can always use tubes.  Let me know... THANKS... Larry F. (916) 966-0266, AF6LF.
posted November 6, 2013
Carol F. Milazzo,
Jan 21, 2012, 7:36 AM