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This Online Swap page lists amateur radio related equipment for sale, trade or wanted by River City ARCS members.
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Armand, WB2ZEI, also suggests checking into the Northern California Swap Net Thursday nights at 8 pm PT on the N6ICW 147.195 MHz FM repeater.

40 foot Crank up Tower
For Sale: 40 foot Crank up Tower

Art Miller, KI6UXE, has an industrial grade crank-up 40-foot tower for sale - asking $250. See image

If interested, call 707-227-5906

(listed by Ed wa6qyo for Art ki6uxe)

posted October 23, 2020

Victron Inverter & Free Aluminum Tubing and Traps

  1. Various lengths of aluminum pipe from elements on my Hy-Gain EXP-14 tri-band antenna. Also traps that were never used since I added the 30/40 mtr option. The aluminum and traps are all freebies.
  2. A 500 Watt 12V to 120V pure sine wave inverter from Victron. This was never used, it was too small, replaced with a 2000 watt model. I paid $172 this year

Contact Hank Thompson K6HUH email

posted June 30, 2020

For Sale or Swap: Icom HF Rig and two Kenwood TM-742s

I have quite a few radios that I’d like to sell or swap for something else. I have been inactive for a few years. Some of the gears that I have are just collecting dust.

I have:

  • ICOM HF rig. It was working when I used it last soooo many years ago.
  • A huge power supply that is still working.
  • I have two Kenwood TM-742s. One has 2M & 440, and the other has 2M, 440 and 1.2.
Kenwood TM-742
TM-742 has connection problem. I just don’t have the time to fix it. It has nothing to do with the transceiver. It is a minor components that connect the power to the unit (internal). I would love to trade one of these radio for the service to fix them to work. I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard if you have the knowledge and equipment. I do have schematic.
I would love to trade any of those three items for a mobile VHF/ UHF with 2M, 440 & 1.2 GHz which has a remote head.

I’m sorry that I don’t have the model for the ICOM HF rig model. I did use it quite a bit when I was active. I can make a deal on this HF rig since I don’t use it any more.


posted May 20, 2020

Wanted: CB Radios

Looking for older 23 and 40 channel “chicken band” radios that are either broken or not operating correctly. I’m embarking on learning radio trouble shooting and repair and these 11 meter radios are the best platforms to start on. Looking for earlier models, any make. If you have one or more sitting in a box, getting dusty on a shelf or just plain taking up space that you would like to reclaim, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

Thanks and 73, Andy (916) 742-9810

posted April 30, 2020

Taken Free: HF and VHF Antennas

Home buyer offers roof antennas in Carmichael, CA (removal required):

  • a rotatable HF trap V dipole (Comet H-422?)
    and a vertical VHF/UHF log periodic on a rotor,
  • an active HF receive loop antenna,
  • a VHF/UHF discone,
  • and a tall vertical (possibly 10m).


posted October 21, 2020

Free: Tower Sections and 10m Vertical Antenna

I have two and a half tower sections that are in good shape but could use some dressing up with cold galvanizing spray paint. Some elbow grease and 20-30 dollars of the cold galvanizing paint and you have 26 feet of tower. The top section has a 3ft or so mast that measures 1.165 inches dia. but the tube for the mast measures 1.875 inches dia. The other one is a ten foot section and the short one is about 5-6 feet long. It looks like it was a 10 ft section that got buried in cement as the base and then chopped off when they took the tower down. Don't know what brand it is but the legs measure 11.5 inches center to center. It's on the front porch, so it's an easy grab and go.

Solarcon Imax 2000
I also have an Imax 2000 10 meter vertical that is 26 feet tall. It is a great antenna. I hear signals that my hexbeam or dipole don't even register. I used it for 10m-17m bands. My TS-590 tuned it on 17m no problem once I got the antenna tuned to where I got the best swr for 10 and 12 meters. The antenna got damaged from some stormage and the threads were damaged where the 1st and 2nd sections screw together. After I replaced it I realized that it is still functional. By taking out the thick lock washer it gained a more threads and seemed very stable. If I was going to put it up permanently I would coat the threads in some silver epoxy or other conductive epoxy and it would be good to go.

I hate to throw anything away that is still useful so thought someone might be able to use it. You can contact me at or the email on my QRZ page.
Thanks and 73

posted October 17, 2020
Carol F. Milazzo,
Jan 21, 2012, 7:36 AM