Wednesday Nets

2 meter Repeater Net Control Station ScriptRequires Adobe Reader Format: After stations check in, net control calls for traffic, then polls check ins for comments on a discussion topic.
Please program 145.250 MHz FM Simplex as an alternate channel in your radio's memory in the event we announce a Simplex net due to a repeater outage.

The N6NA Net and the PG&E Power Outage

Due to the PG&E power shutoff the N6NA repeater was offline during our Oct. 9 weekly Wednesday night net.  Therefore, we held a simplex net on the 145.25 MHz repeater frequency and counted a total of 20 check-ins.  Many stations were prepared to operate simplex on the repeater output frequency, but several were not, so net control had to monitor both 145.25 and 144.65 MHz for check ins.  Greg KK6WSP assisted with relays for check-ins that net control could not hear.

Whenever there is a repeater outage, net control will announce that a simplex net will be held on our 145.25 MHz repeater frequency.  The simplex net (where you both transmit and receive on 145.25 MHz) is our fallback option to maintain communications in the event of a repeater outage due to equipment malfunction or power failure.  For this reason, we advise those who regularly check into the net to have the 145.25 MHz simplex frequency (zero offset and no PL tone) programmed into a memory position on their radios. 

When the repeater and remote receivers are offline it will be more difficult for many to hear each other, especially since handheld radios with flexible antennas are limited to 1 to 2 miles line of sight range.

To prepare yourself for a repeater outage:
  1. Use a rooftop antenna mounted as high as possible and in the clear,
  2. Use 25 or 50 watts transmit power if possible,
  3. Have a charged battery power source available in case of a power outage
N6NA 2 Meter Repeater Net
Wed. 8:00 pm Pacific Time - on the N6NA repeater on 145.250 MHz (-) 162.2 PL

Net Control Stations

River City ARCS Nets

Our current 2 meter net control station rotation is:

 *KK6ZGA, WB6YLK & K6CBB currently out of the rotation
Members who wish to serve as a net control or relay station should message our Net Coordinator via the form on the right.

10 meter check-in net
(Follows the 2 meter net)

Wed. 8:30 pm (approx.) Pacific Time - on 28.420 MHz USB

Wed. 9:00 pm (approx.) Pacific Time -
Slow Scan Television on 441.30 MHz N6NA Repeater

Download and run MMSSTV software to watch and join us!


Contact Net Coordinator

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