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N3JIM Shack Equipment

N3JIM Shack, Antennas, and Equipment

Last updated Mon, 06 Jun 2011

My "shack"

I don't have a shack, per se. I do my home-brewing and diagnostics wherever I can find space in the house. I have my "high power" (10 W) radio set up out in the garage, so I suppose that's my operating position. And I have a very nice attic, but it's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Maybe someday I can enclose, insulate, and condition some of the space up there...


(Most- to least recently acquired/built)


  • 2 TV twinlead antennas for 2m (home-brewed). One of these is mounted in the attic, with the coax running down into the garage/operating position for the Icom 2m rig.
  • A few mag-mount and handheld 2m antennas.