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Aufranc Award

Annual Lyle Aufranc Memorial Award in Recognition for Exceptional Service

The Lyle Aufranc Memorial Award

The Lyle Aufranc Memorial Award - front view

Lyle Aufranc, AA6DJ (WA6RPB), was a long time charter member of the River City Amateur Radio Communications Society.  At one time, the River City ARCS had a small office on El Camino Avenue near Loretto High School and Lyle essentially ran the office for nearly 15 years.  He could be found in the office most weekdays from 9-5.  The office was used to run the 1997 ARRL November Sweepstakes using Dale Hankins AD6CT call.  After the office was closed Lyle was given an award in 1998 in appreciation of his 20 years of service to the club.  This was a plaque with a clock on it.

Lyle was also an active Volunteer Examiner and instructor.  In 1989 Lyle was awarded the prestigious "ARRL Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year" award.  One other notable winner of this award is Gordon West WB6NOA (1984).

After Lyle's passing on May 8, 2008, his daughter found the plaque and thought it appropriate to return the plaque to the club.  The board of directors has designated the plaque as an annual award in Lyle Aufranc's honor to recognize a club member for his or her exceptional service.

Annual Aufranc Memorial Award Recipients

2020 - Bob Woodward N6PGQ River City ARCS President Paul McIntyre, KC5JAX presented the Lyle Aufranc Award to Kevin Hooke, KK6DCT
2020 - Bob Woodward N6PGQ
2019 - Kevin Hooke KK6DCT 2018 - Vince Cracchiolo KI6NHP
2015 - Ken Martin KE6RMN
2017 - Phil Sittner KD6RM 2016 - Marie and Dave Martin WB6YLK 2015 - Ken Martin KE6RMN
Dr. Carol Milazzo, KP4MD receives the 2014 Aufranc Memorial Award
Chris Huber, N6ICW receives the 2013 Aufranc Memorial Award
2014 - Dr. Carol Milazzo KP4MD 2013 - Chris Huber N6ICW 2012 - Mary Anne Balthrope KE6EST (SK)
Paul Grose, N6DRY receives the 2011 Aufranc Memorial Award Chuck Freas, W6FT receives the 2010 Aufranc Memorial Award W6AWS 1st HF Station
2011 - Paul Grose N6DRY (SK) 2010 - Chuck Freas W6FT (SK) 2009 - Andrew Stephens W6AWS